5 Reasons to Buy a Mac Over a PC

While both categories of computer systems are rated to be equally useful and advanced by most users, in this article we shall discuss some of the advantages that are unique to using MAC in the form of 5 reasons to buy a MAC over a PC.

Most viruses are for Windows, not Mac!

The first advantage that a MAC system has is that it is stronger when it comes to preventing virus entries into the computer system. Unlike what many users believe, MAC systems are not completely immune to virus attacks, but are, to a certain extent, more protected than the ordinary Windows PCs are. The principle behind the supposed immunity of a MAC system to most common viruses lies in the fact that most common viruses are developed using systems that run on one variety of the Windows Operating System or the other. Because the basic programming of the viruses is done on systems using the Windows software, the structure of the viruses is not, for the lack of a better word, compatible with the structure of MAC systems. Since Windows based viruses cannot subsist in a MAC computer system, the infiltration rates in MAC systems is drastically lower than it is in Windows computers. The viruses are so designed that they target only other Windows computers. The structure of the Windows software was designed with a number of weaknesses and flaws that often allowed for the un-containable spread of malware and by the time the user became aware of the threat, the damage to the system was already great.

Advanced software system

The software system that comes with MAC is far more advanced in comparison to the software used in the Windows computers. Windows personal computers use the Vista software while the MAC computers use OS X or Operating System X.

Smooth compatibility

Another reason why one should opt for a MAC system over a Windows system can be seen in the smooth compatibility between both the hardware and the software devices in the MAC systems as compared to the Windows systems where the two sets of components of a computer system- that is the hardware and the software- are not very compatible with one another, causing work to slow down. The reason as to why the software and hardware in the MAC systems work so smoothly lies in the fact that the Apple Company manufactures both on their own and hence the relationship between the two is more controlled and even and there are fewer kinks. Hence, the computer system requires lesser maintenance in the long run and is much easier to use.

High stability, High performance

Owing to all the aforementioned reasons, the MAC system is invariably more stable than the Windows system. Hence, the chances of your PC crashing, the disk drivers spoiling and your losing vital information are immediately reduced. The system is on the whole more stable and less prone to problems of unsteadiness, security threats and system failures.

Versatile functionality

The MAC PCs allow for a greater variety of functions and thus can be used by professionals from all walks of life. One can use the system for all kinds of purposes such as editing movie clips, sound files, photographs, business-related work etc.

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