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Apple’s New MacBook

If you’ve paid any attention to Apple in recent years then you’ve undoubtedly heard about their MacBook. The MacBook line of laptop computers was released in 2006 as the replacement to apple’s older PowerBook series of laptops. The MacBook has seen much commercial success much like the rest of Apple’s products. The MacBook has undergone some subtle but necessary changes since 2006. Surprisingly, it seems like the biggest change that these computers have undergone are mostly aesthetic aspects or software as opposed to actual hardware components.

Most of the specs of the 2006 MacBook are somewhat comparable to that of the 2008 MacBook. Other than a slightly beefed up version of the same processor and some more ram, you’re pretty much looking at the same computer internally. Externally however, the story is much different. The new (or at least somewhat new) Mac OSX Leopard really does look stunning visually. If you’re a person who really likes to have all the bells and whistles installed on their computer then Leopard is definitely for you. It really is an improvement on the former Tiger OS. Many even say that Leopard completely blows Microsoft’s Vista OS out of the water, and I have to say that after taking some time to use Leopard I completely agree.

This may seem controversial to some, but the fact is that leopard is by far a much more stable OS. Bugs are much less common if not nonexistent while Vista has only been riddled with problems since day one of its release. Overall, Apple’s new MacBook looks incredibly promising as mostly all of Apple’s products do. The blazing speeds coupled with the cool and elegant design of the OS and computer itself really make for a solid one two punch against any of its competitors. Apple always makes great products and I would recommend this one especially. If you are looking to upgrade that old Mac or just want a vacation from that terrible failure of an OS that Microsoft calls Vista, then I would definitely take a look at Apple’s New MacBook. You won’t be disappointed.

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