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Laptop Locks and Security Tips

There are several things to keep in mind when deciding on a laptop lock. How often do you travel with your laptop?

If you take it with you everywhere, from home to school to work to the coffee shop then you need something light and portable. No one likes to carry more weight then they have to. So a big clunky lock will always get left behind and never used.

What kind of places do you take your laptop to? If you spend a lot of time in public place, like coffee shops and libraries, then a stronger laptop lock is for you. They are also heavier, but it may be worth while to carry the extra weight.

How important is your laptop to you?

Of course, this is an easy question… However consider this. If you back up your laptop daily and will not miss the information because you can restore it in a few minutes, and you have an older laptop you wouldn’t mind replacing… Then you may consider not even using a lock.

You may say: “I wish someone would steal my laptop, I could use a new one!”

I hear this often. It’s a bad idea.

What if your laptop grows legs and walks away in the middle of working on something important?

Is the value of your old laptop worth claiming on insurance? Your deductible may be too high. And it may cause your insurance rates to increase.

Also, do you want to be “Forced” into an upgrade when you are not ready? If you use Windows XP you be forced to buy something new that comes Windows Vista. Do you have the time to learn a new operating system?

Most important: How much is your information worth?

Do you have client’s personal information on your laptop? If your client’s information falls into the wrong hands the privacy laws hold YOU responsible because YOU did not secure your data on your laptop.

You may say: “My information if safe, I have a password on Windows!”

I’m sorry to break the bad news to you. The Windows password is a tamper proofing level of security at best. It can be bypassed with simple software that can be downloaded for free for anyone who has access to the Internet.
So why even use the windows password?

Like I said, it’s a good tamper proofing feature. The software that allows a thief or hacker to bypass the windows password does not reveal your password. It allows them to set a new password. In other words, you will know that someone has reset your password because your password will no longer work.

Make sure you lock you laptop to the desk with a laptop lock and log out of windows when you leave you laptop at your desk while you take a break. If you are heading out for a longer period of time, take it with you.

The bottom line is that it is your responsibility to protect it.

Ben Kayfetz has been providing laptop locks and other security solutions since 1991.

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