How Safe Are Mac Users From Spyware?

Currently, it is true to say that any Spyware program targeted at Mac computers would spread at a rather slow speed for one simple reason. And that is the fact that only about 3 per cent of the computers linked to the World Wide Web today are macs using Mac OS or Mac operating system.

What this means is that every time the virus attempts to spread, it will find that 97 per cent of the time they will be facing a PC or non-mac computer.

Unfortunately the result of this has been to give many Mac users a false sense of security that is laving an increasing number of them very vulnerable. The reality is that there are numerous Spyware and Adware malicious software in the market today that are capable of attacking and infecting Mac users.

There has even been talk for sometime now that it is only a matter of time before a hybrid software capable of infecting both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS hits the web. This kind of software ld spread very rapidly and wreck havoc amongst Mac users most of whom are vulnerable to such an attack due to the inadequate protection that most have.

Yet there is really no excuse and every Mac user should take the threat very seriously indeed and take a serious look at Adware and Spyware removal programs available for the Mac. The need for free mac spyware removal programs that are available online is rapidly growing and there is no reason why every Mac user should not take advantage of them and thus protect themselves from a real danger and threat that is capable of causing havoc and serious damage.

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Ways To Run Windows On A Mac

I am going to be straight up with you. I work in IT and I come across many instructors, professors and staff. When I receive work orders from them I assume they know the O/S (operating system) already or at least I thought they knew. So I ask them a few questions on what their confused about and before you know it, they confess and tell me and tell me they miss windows but still want to learn the Mac O/S. You will be amazed on how many people I talk to and don’t know that you can run windows on the new Intel Macs. So they ask me how and I say, their are many ways to run windows on a Mac.

At home I have a Mac Pro and a Mac Book Pro. Both of these computers are configured to dual boot in between OS X and vista. I admit even though my first love is Mac, I still do things in vista. Well anyway, running windows on my macs at home is great because I was able to play UT3 (Unreal Tournament 3) with my buddies online. At first I was a little Leary about playing the game using boot camp, which comes free with apples new O/S. Once I installed the game and started playing, it was perfect. I didn’t experience any slow downs and I played all night. When Apple came out with Leopard 10.5, boot camp wasn’t beta anymore. Boot camp comes with the O/S so I upgraded all my macs to new OS X and haven’t had any problems and all the windows drivers are included on the OS X disc.

When I tell the instructors the way to run windows on a Mac using boot camp, they get excited and want there computer configured to dual boot. So I tell them what they need to do and we get started.

If you have an Intel Mac and want to learn how to install boot camp, here’s a free tutorial to get you started.

Article written by Steveo

Ways to Prevent Data loss

When your computer becomes the most used piece of equipment you have, you spend countless hours sitting down typing important information down so you don’t lose anything. It may also be the way you earn your living so the last thing you need is some serious time off because your computer has failed.

There are several ways that you can prevent the loss of data and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

The most common way to protect the data in your computer is to use an online data service. This type of service can provide you with data coverage twenty four hours a day seven days a week. You can have your data stored for a certain amount every month to ensure the safety of your data. Losing data will no longer be a problem for you because they can recover any data you lose. These services are available to service desk tops, laptops, iPod’s, digital camera memory, SIM cards, Zune, and other important digital storing data equipment.

In order to get started with these services you can do an online search to determine which company may be the best one for your data. You can also choose to use a data loss program that can help to recover any important data that may be lost or deleted on purpose or accidentally. This type of software can be purchased online or at a computer retail store.

Restoring your data is easier than ever today with new technology. Save your important documents today to avoid any down time in the future.

How to Protect Your Computer

It is very obvious that more people are using computers these days and more people are on the web on daily basis. For this reason most computer users are now increasingly concerned with web safety. Computer safety tips are sought after more and more. The predominant availability of personal computers and connections to the internet provides most people with around the clock access to information, financial services, and shopping. The World Wide Web is also an amazing tool for educators and students to communicate and learn. However, this frequent use of computer brings out more and more hackers and con artists and requires that web users observe some essential tips on how to protect their computer.

It is so unfortunate that certain individuals take advantage of the Internet to perpetrate criminal activities. As with any new technology, there are always individuals prepared to exploit this great new technology illegally for personal gain. Hackers can try to gain illegal access to your computer and then utilize that login to take over your identity, defraud you, or even launch internet attacks against other web users. By following the preferred computer safety tips outlined below, you can minimize the harm cyber hackers can do not only to your computer, but to many other people’s computer.

Unfortunately, there is not a single computer security method or technological solution that will eliminate online crime. These generally accepted computer safety tips highlight that using practices that include Internet habits as well as technological solutions can make a difference. Technical solutions (software) are increasingly necessary and cannot be eliminated with just good practices.

The following recommended computer safety tips will to some extent help you protect your computer from unauthorized access.

  1. Whenever you’re online or offline try to protect your private information. Make sure you know who you’re communicating with on the internet. Especially when you are in a chat room. Do not give out your password, social security number, and credit card number
  2. Remember the web is like a shopping mall where any body can enter. Protect your computer with the use of anti-virus software, a firewall, and anti-spyware software to ensure your computer is protected and secure
  3. Be sure that you do regular update of your computer
  4. Be sure to use very strong passwords to protect your information. Do not use your nickname or your surname. When using numbers, do not use your birthday
  5. Do not forget to back up critical files

Apple’s New MacBook

If you’ve paid any attention to Apple in recent years then you’ve undoubtedly heard about their MacBook. The MacBook line of laptop computers was released in 2006 as the replacement to apple’s older PowerBook series of laptops. The MacBook has seen much commercial success much like the rest of Apple’s products. The MacBook has undergone some subtle but necessary changes since 2006. Surprisingly, it seems like the biggest change that these computers have undergone are mostly aesthetic aspects or software as opposed to actual hardware components.

Most of the specs of the 2006 MacBook are somewhat comparable to that of the 2008 MacBook. Other than a slightly beefed up version of the same processor and some more ram, you’re pretty much looking at the same computer internally. Externally however, the story is much different. The new (or at least somewhat new) Mac OSX Leopard really does look stunning visually. If you’re a person who really likes to have all the bells and whistles installed on their computer then Leopard is definitely for you. It really is an improvement on the former Tiger OS. Many even say that Leopard completely blows Microsoft’s Vista OS out of the water, and I have to say that after taking some time to use Leopard I completely agree.

This may seem controversial to some, but the fact is that leopard is by far a much more stable OS. Bugs are much less common if not nonexistent while Vista has only been riddled with problems since day one of its release. Overall, Apple’s new MacBook looks incredibly promising as mostly all of Apple’s products do. The blazing speeds coupled with the cool and elegant design of the OS and computer itself really make for a solid one two punch against any of its competitors. Apple always makes great products and I would recommend this one especially. If you are looking to upgrade that old Mac or just want a vacation from that terrible failure of an OS that Microsoft calls Vista, then I would definitely take a look at Apple’s New MacBook. You won’t be disappointed.

Mac iSync

Mac iSync has become very popular in recent times; the application innovated by Apple primarily for Mac devices, it allows you to synchronize different types of information on your Mac and other hand-held mobile devices.

The Mac iSync application is available to download from the Apple website to your Mac device, you can transfer important information from it to devices such as PDAs, iPods and even mobile phones (with Bluetooth). Similarly, you can also get information from these devices transferred to your Mac.

The Mac iSync allows you to sync multiple pieces of information on your computer and other devices such as iPod, mobile phones and many more. With it, you can also sync information across multiple computers. Synchronization makes your life easier as all changes that you make in any one of the devices are automatically transferred to other devices as well. This means, you always have the latest information, no matter which device you are currently working on.

Now, with the help of iSync, you can easily sync your mobile phone’s address book and calendar with your Mac Power Book. Also, get your mobile phone’s calendar transferred to iCal. This way you can be sure of not missing out any important meetings or appointments.

If you have a Mac (with the latest OS X) and are looking for iSync, first choose the devices that you want to synchronize with your Mac. Keep a notice of whether they are compatible with this application or not. Once you are sure that your device is compatible with iSync, simply follow the steps mentioned below for syncing:

– Get the device connected to your Mac.
– Open iSync that you find in the applications folder in the hard disk.
– Once the iSync window displays, click on ‘Sync Devices’. This will start your Mac to scan for a device nearby.
– After your Mac has successfully scanned the connected device, you will get an ‘Add Device’ window with its icon. A double click on this icon will add it to the iSync window.
– The iSync window now displays a pane which allows you to choose the information that you want to sync to your device. At this stage, you can also select the ‘Automatically synchronize when device is connected’ option.

Mac iSync has become very popular in recent times; the application innovated by Apple primarily for Mac devices, it allows you to synchronize different types of information on your Mac and other hand-held mobile devices.

The new version of Mac iSync supports more Bluetooth enabled phones than any other syncing software and also makes possible Mac to Mac synchronization of Safari bookmarks for .Mac subscribers.

Ted Brumby

Reasons for the selection of an Apple Mac PC

Often when people are looking at buying a new PC whether at home or work that is usually leave an Apple Mac out of the equation. However, the purchase of any Apple Mac computers now available may be one of the wisest decisions that will never do. Today there are many companies online that can give them a large supply of Mac that could end up saving money.

A lot of people who consider buying a Mac from Apple decided to go with another model in place simply because they are afraid that they will not be able to connect with others because they feel that it is not compatible with other systems. Then we will explain why when buying a new computer that should begin to seriously consider buying an Apple Mac.

One of the biggest problems facing people who choose to buy an Apple Mac to replace its current team is whether they will be able to transfer the data on your old PC to your new one. Well this is not a problem because we now have enabled their Microsoft Office programs to be installed on the Mac.

However, along with a person who is able to exercise over the use of Microsoft Office on their new Apple Mac also have the opportunity to be able to access other popular software programs as well. Today, all Apple Macs come with Adobe Photoshop, MSN Messenger, as well as access to iTunes.

However, even if you find that some files you have on your current PC and you do not have an application on your Mac to use them not to worry. Today there are many programs now available that allow you to export these documents is common to all types of PCs and may be in an Apple Mac using the correct application.

Although there are some programs such as MS Publisher which does not allow you to convert your files to a format for Mac, Apple has corrected this situation. Today all Intel-based Macs will now allow you to boot into Windows and by allowing you to simply make the necessary transition from MS Publisher on a Mac instead of application.

The only real drawback to owning an Apple Mac Computer on other teams is that it can be difficult to improve it. Unfortunately, the improvement of the memory or hard drive on these PC’s is very difficult to achieve.

As can be seen from above when it comes to choosing a new PC whether at home or at work because he was not restrict you. On the other hand you have the opportunity to choose a PC in the range of Apple Mac that not only looks stylish, but it works so well as any other PC on the market today. As mentioned above there are plenty of good deals for Apple Mac for a person to have today.

MAC vs. PC – The Eternal Debate

The debate Mac vs PC rages on since nearly the down of time. Many Mac users think as Apple a religion and would follow Steve Jobs to end of the world. Obviously this article is not written for these people but more for the PC user who is thinking of switching to a Mac.

First of all, I am self employed and I use an application that is owned by Apple for work. I can only run it on a Mac. So I just ordered my 3rd Mac laptop. Also, in the 80s, my fist computer was a Macintosh SE.

Also, like many others, I have been a PC user since Windows 95 and I used practically all the version of this operating system, including some server versions.

In short, my advice is Go for a Mac only if you have a program that only runs on it.

Doing Photoshop on Mac is throwing money out the window.

Don’t get me wrong Mac OS X is very nice system… based on Unix, which is very nice if you have to interact with Linux machines.

But a Mac will cost you 1.5 times the price of a pc with the same hardware. Furthermore, since Apple as a monopole on all the hardware that can run MacOS X, it’s harder to get a solution that fit exactly your needs.

Many will tell you that you can’t catch a virus on a Mac. While it is true that Macs are less prone to catch them, hackers are developing more and more viruses for Mac as there popularity is rising.

You will also ear that you can run Windows on a Mac. This is true. But you will have to pay between 150$ and 500$ for a Windows license to install it on your computer that already cost you 1.5 times more. And if you don’t really need a Mac and are used to Windows, you will find yourself using practically only Windows. This will have made spent all this extra money for absolutely nothing.

Finally, Apple will charge for a lot more things. For example, since they launch MacOs X in 2001, they release 5 updates. You had to pay at lease 150$ for each update. And in a lot of times, Apple made it so that the update would take a lot of “juice” of older machines to force to change them.

In contrast, Windows XP was also released in 2001. They offered similar updates, which, contrary to the ones of Apple, don’t overload your CPU. They called them service packs and they were free.

In summary, if money is no object, buying a Mac is not a bad idea. If not you should switch to a Mac only if you have a program that only runs on it.
Matthew Deforge
Technical Adviser,

Mac users are immune to spyware: Myth or Reality?

There are many Mac users who do not have time to hear stories of Spyware. They think they are totally immune to any danger spyware. But is this true? Is this fact or just a myth?

It is true that the Mac is very different structure from that of the PC, which means a PC from spyware strain will not be as effective with Macs. Which means that someone has to create a spyware program intended exclusively for Macs. But even then there would be another problem. It is estimated that less than 3 percent of the computers connected to the World Wide Web are the Macs that normally use the Mac operating system (Mac OS). What this means is that every time the spyware virus tries to spread what is more than 97 percent of the computers you come across PC or Mac computers would be.

This is one of the reasons why the Mac spyware tends to spread in such a low rate. But the truth is that Mac owners need to protect themselves against spyware and, in fact, we have a lot of decent Mac-based anti-spyware software on the market these days.

Then Mac users need to consider another frightening possibility that sooner or later succeed on the Web. And that spyware is capable of adapting to affect both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. In fact, security experts have been warning about this possibility for a long time.

If you are a Mac user reading this, it is advisable that you leave your false sense of security as soon as possible, to avoid future disasters.