Run Windows-Only Applications on Your Mac

Access key Windows applications from the comfort of your Mac. Run your favorite software on your favorite hardware. Run selected 3D games and graphics applications. Explore a whole new world of Windows-only 3D games and graphics applications right on your Mac.

Use your favorite Windows-only devices. Use your favorite in-demand USB 2.0 devices, even if they’re Windows-only. Connect your phone, camera and MP3 player to your Mac!

Run OS X, Windows and Linux at the same time. Run your favorite applications at the same time, regardless of the OS! No more rebooting to switch between OS to use the applications you need.

Bring your PC with you! Move an entire physical or virtual Windows system to your new Mac in just a few simple steps. No losing data, reinstalling software or re-customizing your computer.
Go full Mac at full speed! It’s an intuitive, easy-to-use virtualization platform for switchers who need to run Windows applications alongside OS X. Made the move to Mac? No other solution makes it easier or faster to take your Windows system with you. Keep your must-have Windows programs, files and settings at your fingertips.

Parallels Desktop is currently the best solution for running Windows, Linux, or any of many other operating systems alongside OS X. With the inclusion of (still limited) 3-D graphics support, Snapshots and Undo Disks, virtual appliances, and many other features, it’s a compelling alternative to rebooting via Boot Camp.

Tech support has improved, although you will pay somewhat dearly if you need an answer via phone. Unless you need full 3-D graphics support, or support for some esoteric hardware, Parallels will probably get the job done for you.

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— Vlad Nik

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